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Hi there! I'm an interdisciplinary product designer exploring data, accessibility, and interaction. Through storytelling, I create experiences for start-ups that aim to connect people.

Currently, I'm a first-generation fourth-year at Boston University and the Kilachand Honors College studying Computer Science and interning at Spark!

Outside of Figma, I am an avid tree climber 🌲, major foodie 🍜, Star Wars/MCU enthusiast 🌌, and indie rock/pop guitarist 🎸.


FORGE Design Studios

Design Intern

July 2021 β€” Present


User Experience Design Intern

November 2020 β€” Present


Digital Design Intern

March 2021 β€” June 2021


Design Methods

Full-stack design

User experience research + design

Information architecture

Journey mapping

UI engineering

Prototyping + wireframing

Tools & Languages


Adobe CC



So you've made it all the way here. I don't know if you hear this enough but thank you! I appreciate you! Over the last 21 years, the climb has taken on many names: "not good enough", "work harder", and "the grind".

The climb is an evolution of my mindset, my work ethic, my perspective. The climb is what wakes me up in the morning. The climb is what defines my designing, storytelling, and problem solving.

Climbing is not the goal; it's the journey β€” and it's that journey, that story that creates meaning in the products I build.

When it comes to brands, especially start-ups, I know what it's like to be stuck in a design loop. From web designs to mobile mockups, grayscale drawings to full-scale launches, every brand has a journey. What's yours?

Let's climb together.